Pie in the Sky

2124 Center Street (Berkeley)

Pie in the Sky slice

Pie in the Sky's middle-of-the-road pizza.

Pie in the Sky has a friendly staff, but that’s probably the best reason to stop by here.  The interior is about as typical as you can imagine – neutrally lit with a few tables by the window, a soda fountain, and a fairly significant section behind the counter for the employees.

While the pizza isn’t bad, it certainly isn’t inspired either.  There looks to be a good amount of sauce on the slice, but it’s hard to taste.  Rather, the flavor and texture are dominated by the cheese, which can be likened to frozen Mystic Pizza.  At times it’s too chewy.

The crust is medium thin, but not at all crispy.  You won’t have any complaints about it, but that’s because you won’t really notice it.

Finally – and this is more annoying than you think – the straws are made of cardboard.  While this is probably(?) a little more environmentally friendly, you’ll taste cardboard in your mouth.  Just saying.

In the end, Pie in the Sky is decent pizza without a personality.

Overall: While Pie in the Sky is OK, there really isn’t much reason for stopping by.

Verdict: Skip it.

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