2132 Center St (Berkeley)

Tomatina slice

The (basil-filled) slice at Tomatina.

At first glance, Tomatina appears to be a cut above your average pizzeria.  The restaurant interior, for example, is well put-together and a courteous wait staff takes your order.  From there it’s all downhill.

I ordered a Margherita pizza,  so the slice came with basil on top.  A lot of basil.  Way too much basil.

Other than that, the worst thing about Tomatina’s pizza was the crust, which had the consistency of a pillow without any compensating crispness.  Biting into it was like punching air.  In addition, the top of the crust was burnt – an impressive feat considering that the rest of it seemed undercooked.

The cheese had a nice stretchiness to it but came with only a light flavor.

Finally, the tomato sauce (I imagine that Tomatina’s specialty would be the tomatoes) was altogether too tart.  To their credit, they did add a decent amount of it, but it could not save the slice.

The service was friendly, but tipping adds to the already expensive pizza ($9.50 for personal, $11 for medium-sized).  It’s just not worth it.

Overall: Tomatina’s pizza fails in numerous ways, and there is no reason to eat here other than the friendly service.

Verdict: Skip it

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