Extreme Pizza

2352 Shattuck Avenue (Berkeley)

Extreme Pizza slice

One slice (not two) at Extreme Pizza.

When you order a slice at Extreme Pizza, it’s actually two slices (extreme!).  Actually, they take extreme-ness quite seriously around here; the walls are adorned with sports paraphernalia (surfboards, skis) as well as photography of extreme athletes in action.  There’s a good chance you’ll find your ears blanketed by hard rock.  Order a small soda, and you’ll get something akin to a large at other places.  While it’s probably (ok,  certainly) too much, it does give the place a different vibe than your typical garden-variety pizzeria.

My favorite thing about Extreme Pizza is the amount of sauce they put on the slice.  To me, this is the perfect amount – heavy enough that it really competes with the cheese for dominance in flavor.  Unfortunately, the particular sauce Extreme Pizza employs tastes like Prego, but I applaud the effort.

I think Extreme Pizza blends cheddar into their mozzarella.  This can give a bit of a macaroni-and-cheese spin to the flavor.  Personally, I like that it gives the taste an added dimension and blends in fine with the overall lack of sophistication in the flavor.

The crust is flat, and it feels like a hybrid between pita bread and pizza dough.  It feels soft and undercooked, and is my least favorite component of Extreme Pizza.

Extreme Pizza certainly lives up to its name in terms of decor and quantity, but falls short with cheap tasting ingredients and a lackluster crust.

Overall: Although Extreme Pizza throws in plenty of ingredients and has a unique atmosphere, it lacks any manner of sophistication and just tastes cheap.

Verdict: Skip it.

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