Bobby G’s Pizzeria

2072 University Ave. (Berkeley)

Bobby G's slice

The tart-yet-bland pizza at Bobby G's.

I wish I could give Bobby G’s a better rating.  The ambiance sports a comfortable, spacious interior with nice wood furniture, tasteful artwork, and a bar area.  Each table comes set up with the proper pizza condiments (parmesan cheese, crushed red pepper) and the service is friendly.  The interior is nice enough that if, for whatever reason, you are going to a pizzeria to just hang out and not really taste the pizza, then Bobby G’s is a good choice.  But, alas, I just can’t recommend the place.  The pizza is just too bad.

The cheese is the only acceptable component – it’s really stringy which is interesting, but the flavor is a little empty and can come off as what I can only describe as tart.  The sauce job, on the other hand, is just strange.  It comes as land mines littered about the slice.  Most of the time, your bite will yield no sauce.  Every once in a while, you will catch a large pocket of it, but – like the cheese – the sauce’s flavor seems to have somehow been drained and replaced with tartness.  The crust would be nice if it were fluffier, but it seems almost squished and lacks any softness in the interior. It is crisp – a little too crisp – and again fairly flavorless.

If I were to somehow lose my sense of taste, Bobby G’s is the pizzeria I would frequent.  Until then, though, there are better pizza adventures to be had.

Summary: Great atmosphere, bad pizza.

Verdict: Skip it.

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