Fat Slice Pizza

2375 Telegraph Avenue (Berkeley)

Fat Slice

Fat Slice's Monstrosity.

I’ll get right to it: Fat Slice probably ranks among the worst pizza in Berkeley.  In its defense, however, I don’t think it even tries to be good.

The style of pizza is (as you can imagine from the name) large, dough-y, and doesn’t skimp on the cheese.  Therefore, if you are trying to optimize calories per dollar, then Fat Slice may be right up your alley.  However, if you also like food to taste good, then you might want to reconsider.  Fat Slice’s dough, which is like a hybrid between a cheap Neopolitan and Sicilian style, is not my style – too large and soft – but others might find it OK.  The cheese – well it just tastes ‘fake’.  I don’t really know what gives cheap cheese this taste (or lack of it), but Fat Slice falls squarely into this category.  There is sauce, but it might as well have been red food coloring – I saw it, but I didn’t taste it.

By the way, although the place has a decent amount of seats, it’s pretty dirty overall and certain areas have a pungent smell.  All in all, eating at Fat Slice was just unpleasant; but, judging from the afternoon crowd (people really come back here?), I don’t imagine the place changing anytime soon.

Summary: On the short list for worst pizza in Berkeley, Fat Slice only succeeds in terms of sheer mass of pizza per slice.

Verdict: Stay away!

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