Blondie’s Pizza

2340 Telegraph Avenue (Berkeley)

Blondie's pizza slice

Blondie's passable pizza.

I won’t say Blondie’s pizza is good, but it is edible.  It tastes like the pizza you get at street fairs.

The interior of Blondie’s blends in well with the streets outside – it’s loud and hipster-ish.   Most of the wall space is covered by images of various pizza topping incarnations, but one neat feature is the counter area that displays pages of a Rolling Stone at eye level so you can read while you eat.

Anyway, perhaps my standards of the Telegraph area are lowered due to Fat Slice, but at least you can taste all the components of Blondie’s pizza.  The crust is pretty thin and the cheese dominates the slice.  Speaking of the cheese, it (strangely) has a very thin, crisp outer layer on top of its somewhat tough and firm interior.  I guess this is a result of the grease selectively burning the top layer of cheese?  Anyway it works OK, and while the sauce is not great it can be tasted and adds to the slice.

Apart its unquestionable property of being edible, Blondie’s pizza doesn’t really have any truly memorable components.  Unfortunately, selection in the Telegraph area is pretty limited, so this might be the best you can do.

Summary: There’s not much reason to stop by Blondie’s unless you’re patrolling the Telegraph area.

Verdict: Skip it

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